Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mini Quilt Swap

Just returned from a weeks holiday in the New Forest with the caravan to find this lovely mini quilt waiting for me together with a small card, it is from Jean of geniesartworld and is beautifully made.Thank you very much Jean, I hope to finish and post yours by the end of this week.

This is Ellie Joy our first grandchild. She was one year old yesterday and we are completely besotted with her. Please look carefully at her designer jelly shoes by D&G no less! I wanted to give her mum Danielle something special for Ellie's birthday and decided to make a memory book containing photos, charms and other little mementos of her first year it has gone so fast! I enjoyed making it so much especially having two boys and never being able to sew anything pink and girly before!

This is the cover:

This is a page from inside:

and another one:

and the final page complete with pocket for a lock of hair, baby tooth etc.


Genie said...

Hi Sandra, Glad it arrived safely. Photo of your grandaughter is lovely, My grandaughter is just coming up to her second birthday, Regards Jean

liz said...

Hi Sandra, what a lovely book. I have a book project in mind at the moment.
Have you worked out how to add links yet in your blog post? email me if you want instructions how, it's easy.

Lovely granddaughter too:)

Guzzisue said...

Lovely book and your granddaughter is too