Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Holiday Bag

The awful weather yesterday encouraged me to finish my holiday bag in record time. I used a piece of furnishing fabric I had leftover from some cushions I made a few weeks ago, I slash cut the front with 6 layers of different fabrics and lined it with some calico I had dyed,added some rope handles and a button I liked and here we are! I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, I put a few pockets inside for my camera, phone etc now all we need is the weather!

Last year we travelled from Portsmouth to Bilbao with the van. We left Portsmouth in glorious sunshine, the journey down was calm and relaxing over 36 hours then arrived in Bilbao to torrential rain, continued to the Pyrenees to meet up with our friends and had snow for 2 days! Hope the weather will be kinder in Brittany this year.

This little lady knows something is happening but she won't be coming with us this time,perhaps next year.

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Genie said...

Love the bag, Have a great holiday.